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Civil Service Agency is located in Parliament Building in SarajevoSince its inauguration as a government-wide human capital management agency by High Representative lord Paddy Ashdown, in June 2002, the Civil Service Agency (CSA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina has scored a number of remarkable accomplishments in the field of civil service Human Capital Management. With enthusiasm and passion for the government's reform process, the CSA has successfully implemented several key initiatives within the Bosnian government.

Becoming operational on February 03, 2003, Civil Service Agency (CSA) has been managing the essential part of government reform initiatives. In addition to the original mission of maintaining transparency and equality in the civil service practices, the Agency has been designing and implementing a variety of reformative measures to lead the necessary changes in the government. Direct reporting relationship with the Council of Ministries and support from the Office of High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina has enabled the Agency to be independent from the influence and pressures of the government ministries or the special interest groups.

From the outset the CSA has had three main mandates: 1) reviewing the appointments of current civil servants to determine if they are properly appointed, 2) developing a recruitment and selection process to staff up the state ministries and other common institutions and 3) training of civil servants.

Hopefully, this homepage will provide readers with useful information about the CSA in terms of its structure, functions, and government personnel-related policies. Here you are recommended to ask any questions, request further information, or freely express your opinions.

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